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World's 1st Rich Media Contextual Communication

With consumers overwhelmed by endless spam, contact centers find it more and more difficult to connect with customers for legitimate purposes. Ringlerr’s solution can achieve 5x improvement in right party connect rates

What's your problem statement?

  • Lower customer connecting ratio (call pick up ratio) ?
  • Lower marketing ROI ?
  • Your number is tagged as spam ?
  • Lower sales conversion ?
  • Lower sales operations efficiency ?
  • Unable to serve/resolve customer complaint within targeted TAT ?

Leave your worries to us. We do have solution.

  • Callup empowers every enterprise to come across as genuine caller in the eyes of their end users.
  • Make a rich media contextual calls to your end users & let them know why you are calling.
  • Make every call unique by sending personalized message during call.
  • Build trust & transparency with your customers even before you are connected.
  • What else? Features like social media intergration, video, audio, schedule calender.

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