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Smart digital contextual web calls

Do you face one of these problems?

  • Inbound call drop rate is higher ?
  • Longer TAT for complaint resolution ?
  • Lower sales conversion ?
  • Higher avg. handling time to each inbound calls ?
  • Want to offer new digital experiance to your users ?
  • Zero data of users making inbound calls?
  • Unable to gather accurate, real time, actionable call data ?
  • Unable to drive & monetize high value calls?

Leave all your worries to us.

Web calls

Allow web visitors to launch Insta calls from any digital platform

  • Calls from website.
  • Calls from mobile application.

Contextual calls

Allow users to select the call intent & make an instant connect with an agent.

  • Receive key data about your customer & his behaviour when picking up calls.
  • Know customer intention well in advance so you can serve them better.

Smart voice

Automate and filter your voice support according to :

  • Customer journey.
  • Customer intent.
  • Customer profile.
  • Reduce up to 70% of your human agent support request.

Multilingual calls

  • Allow users to speak in their prefered language.

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